Saturday, March 29, 2014

Call me Senora Dolittle

Hola Hola! 

Another week has flown by! 
Congrats to Matt on getting into Texas.  Moving back to the Midwest, that's the way to go! 

Random fact: I don't know what it is, but the dogs and cats here LOVE me.  I literally don't do anything and don't pet them or talk to them or anything because they are usually dirty and have fleas, but for some reason they swarm to me and especially when we are teaching a lesson they usually all end up on my lap or next to me without even petting them or anything.  It's super weird.  Hopefully I don't pick up fleas anytime soon.  haha.

This week Cesar got baptized which was great.  He was supposed to get baptized last week but last minute decided not to so we made sure we were contacting him daily and that he was reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily, and he got baptized! A couple of days before the baptism he was talking to us about this past week and how he has just felt the strong desire to get baptized and has realized how much the Gospel has changed him, he said that he just feels like he should or shouldn't do certain things and he recognized that as the Spirit! Cool when investigators recognize that on their own! So he got baptized and gave a great testimony.

The highlight of this week was on saturday morning, we went to make pancakes with the Sanchez Family because Melissa sent me pancake mix and syrup, and they've never had that! So we made them and then we had a lesson with them and they were all there together and it was awesome because in the end they all committed to get baptized on April 12th and we were all so happy! They are amazing.  I love them so much.  

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers and everything! 

The Church is TRUE. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feliz Dia del Danto Patrick!

Hola familia,!

Happy St. Patty's day! It's not a thing here so nobody is wearing green so I'm having fun pellizcando (pinching) everybody.   

We had a pretty good week this week! It was a little sad because Cesar, who was supposed to get baptized on Saturday, got some last minute doubts (source? Satan.) and backed out and we prayed a lot and did our best to help him get baptized but in the end he didnt. However, it was still okay because last night we had a sweet lesson with him and he is pretty set to get baptized THIS saturday now.  Pray for him! Ive definitely seen on my mission how terrible Satan is and how urgent it is that people get baptized and get the gift of the Holy Ghost ASAP because if not, Satan attacks and it gets harder and harder.  So hopefully all will go well this week.  
We are still working and we are trying to meet the goal of baptizing weekly here.  President makes that the goal because then it is something constant and we have more support from the ward.  He would rather us baptize one person four weeks in a row than 4 in one day, unless it be a family.  So basically we are just going to try for families every week and that way we will have a ton of support from the ward and even more people will be brought to the Gospel! 

One day this week we had to do divisions because my companion had to go to immigrations so I went with Hermana Morgan, who came here in the same group as me.  Her area has part of the beach so we got there and were going to go to her apartment and study becaue it was early in the morning but she accidentally left the keys with her companion.  We had no other option than go to the beach to study! So we went and sat on a bench and studied and ate girl scout cookies that I received that morning from mommy. (Thanks, mommy! :)) It was great.  

I don't have much else to see, the weeks just run together and I literally can't believe another week has gone by.  Time is flying by way too fast but I absolutely love being here as a full time servant of the Lord.  I'm so blessed!
Thanks for all the love and prayers!
Love you bunches, the church is TRUE.

Hermana Jones