Sunday, April 6, 2014

Los Milagros

Hello Hello!

It's finally reaching Otoño (Fall) in Peru so the heat isn't killing us as much which is great. Every corner here has ice cream for sale for 1 sol (about 35 cents) so I definitely having spent my fair share in ice cream this summer.  

This week the two little girls I was talking about got baptized! Their parents are members but we couldn't figure out why they weren't baptized yet and it was a mixture of fear, not really wanting to, and their dad wanting them to know everything before they got baptized.  We went over a lot and did Family Home Evening's with them and they just opened up more and more every time as we sang and taught and played little games with them.  So we pretty much just told them this week that they were going to get baptized on Saturday and they were okay with it! Their dad needed a little more convincing but in this whole process we were able to reactivate him and he baptized them this weekend. It was great! Next goal: Sealed in the temple.  

Also this weekend our investigator, Gary, got baptized! Gary is literally one of the smartest people I have met but is so humble and just awesome.  Here's his story: He used to be the typical worldly guy with his friends and girls and such but one day he woke up and was paralyzed from the chest down. I didn't understand too well what the cause was but I think it was Meningitis? is that the thing where the liquid inflames around your brain and spinal cord? Well it was something like that and he didn't know he had it until he woke up one morning paralyzed.  It completely changed him and now he is extremely involved in the community and helping others.  We met him because he plays on a wheelchair basketball team that practices in the church's court.  He has been investigating churches for years and almost got baptized as a Jehovah's witness but last minute dropped out because they couldn't answer all of his "doubts." Well we started teaching him and he just ate everything up and understood perfectly and was one of those people that when we called to remind him to read the Book of Mormon he would say, "I was actually reading just now!"  or one day he asked us what is the difference between Aaronic and Melch. Priesthood before we even taught that!  haha so he's great and was very happy to get baptized and afterwards shared a great testimony about how renovated he felt and it was something he had been searching for for years.

I'm super excited for General conference this week and we are using that a lot to proselyte. I'm using Jacob's line, "Have you heard the good news?!? There's a living prophet and he is going to talk to us this weekend!!!!!!!!" It's pretty fun and hopefully we can have a lot of people come and listen to the words of the living prophet. 

I hope you all have a great week and I love you bunches!

Hermana Jones

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