Monday, June 23, 2014

Doin the work

Hola Hola!

Happy Father's day!!!!! And Happy Birthday Matt!!! 
Father's day isn't nearly as big of a holiday here as Mother's day, but I still remembered.  Mostly because it is an excuse to drink and not work, so it was a fun weekend! 
Last Pday was sweet because we went to the beach! The beach here is awesome and not too crowded so we played soccer to celebrate the World cup starting. (People here are pretty bitter that Peru is NEVER in the world cup haha.) I'll attach some action shots of our zone soccer!
This week I had to go to an Immigrations office in Lima, so I had to leave early on Tuesday and got back on Wednesday.  Luckily we were able to do divisions and Hna Leyva stayed here and worked so we weren't just leaving our area. It's so weird being away from Lima and annoying to travel but I hope I'm done with the legal stuff until I leave the country.  After I got back we kept working and had a great week! 
The Pimentel Family is awesome and almost all are progressing.  5 of them came to church yesterday but not all so we are going to make sure they can all get baptized together here in July.  Also, Omar came to church again and he is awesome because he is somebody that actually does what he says he is going to do. We'll set a lesson for the park at 6 and he is there early! I've never met somebody like that here! It is great.  He has his date for this 28th of June.  Pray for him and for the Pimentel family! 

Yesterday was a funny day, because there were a lot of drunk people "celebrating Father's day" so we just had funny experiences.  Anyway so it was the end of the day and we had to stop by the branch president's house to ask him something so we stopped by and the Elders were there eating and we saw them through the window and they were saying to us, "no!" like "don't come in!" so we knocked and that was a mistake because they invited us in and were eating dinner (They eat dinner at 9 at night here) which means they are socially obligated to have us eat with them.  We were already full and know that He is a fisherman so it was surely going to be seafood, and we knew we made a mistake going there haha.  They gave us rice and fish. And snail and octopus. So that was a good experience... And then while we were eating a lamb walked in and was walking around and it was just the weirdest and funniest experience to top off the weirdest and funniest day.  This is the best mission ever!!

President Archibald had a training this week with Elder Oaks so we are excited to hear what he had to say and how we can help the work move forward! 
Thanks for all the love and prayers and have a great week! 


Hermana Jones

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