Monday, November 10, 2014

Super grateful!

Well it was good week, like always!
Things are going well here.
The Lara Family came to church for the first time and LOVED IT.  So they are progressing well and we are bummed because the 30th of this month we have stake conference and the 7th of December there are elections again which means no church.  So that's another two weeks that we can't schedule baptisms again which will slow down the work a bit. But they have their date to get baptized the 13th of December and we are praying that everything works out with them.  Pray for them! ALso we are still workign with Araceli and hoping that she can get baptized this weekend! She is ready and everything but Satan is working on her so we just need to work harder! 

This week we went to Lima for the monthly leadership council.  My favorite part was the training that Sister Archibald did on Obedience.  It helped me learn and realize that commandments aren't just rules that our Heavenly Father gives us, they are guidelines that if we follow, we will become like our Father in Heaven.  It's like if we really want to become a good swimmer for example, and we had the chance to spend a day with MIchael Phelps, I would ask all the advice he has and try to imitate all he does in swimming and see how I could become as good as him.  Well we say we want to become like Christ, and so we have all these commandments that will help us become like Him, so why don't we follow them sometimes? It's a bummer.  So that whole training made me look at Obedience differently.  I'm so grateful that I was born into a very obedient family and have learned this from birth.  I hope I can continue in this legacy and keeping ALL of the commandments!

This week I think we are going to go to Lima again because I have a little going away party thing.  We are going to go to the temple, all those that are leaving, and going to eat and do fun things. I only have about 3 more days of proselyting then because my area is far from Lima.  So I'm goin gto do my best to take advantage of these days I have! 

Not sure if I'll be writing you next week or not. I'll be in an autosufficiency training or something. 
I'm super humbled and super grateful for this opportunity I've had. I'm not going to try and express my feelings here... so I'll just quote Ammon and say, "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."
THe church is true!!!!!
Love you so much!
See you next week!

Hermana Jones :)

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