Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LaCCm is coming to a close

Hopefully you all saw my email yesterday, i've been reassigned to serve in the Texas Fort Worth Mission until my visa arrives! I'm so excited to be able to go and start doing work out there.  I'm also excited because out of all the places in the United States, I got called to Texas which means i'll hopefully be able to use some of my Spanish until I get down to Peru.  My companions also got reassigned.  Sister Lind is going to Billings, Montana and Sister Olsen is going to New York City South.  We are all very excited!! I leave the MTC on Tuesday morning at 3:30am.  Fun right? I'm a little confused because my flight doesn't leave until 8 so I guess I'll get there plenty early.  They give us a calling card and allow us to call at the airport, so I'll probably be calling home before my flight leaves SLC because my layover isn't very long in PHX.  So, parents, I hope that's cool with you if you get a call at 6am. :) And if I don't have time to do it then, I might have a little time during my layover to call briefly so that is at... I don't remember but I think I told you the time yesterday in my email.  9am Arizona time or something like that.

This week has been pretty interesting because the MTC didn't really know what to do with us.  Our teachers left on summer vacation because we were supposed to be gone by now.  A teacher had us moved to an advanced district that just arrived on wednesday.  So, we've been spending class with native Spanish speakers which is definitely overwhelming.  I feel like I just got thrown into my mission with these native speakers but it's weird because we're still in the MTC.  The advanced districts are only here for two weeks because they don't do any language training. It's hard because the teachers only speak Spanish, which was the same in my beginner district but now they speak as fast as they want and use all sorts of weird vocab and slang that we don't know.  It has definitely been overwhelming but helpful because this is what it's going to be like when we get out into the field.  It's kind of mentally exhausting because I constantly have to translate in my head what is happening.  It makes me tired to just try and listen to what people are saying haha.  Yesterday switched up companions with their district so I taught a lesson with a native speaker and we taught a couple other of the advanced people.  I played the role of the investigator at first and a few times everyone would just look at me at once.  And I would say, "oh, did you just ask me a question?" haha. Apparently they were talking to me a lot and asking me questions but I only know enough to pick up about half of it haha.  It's been fun though and i've learned a lot. 

On wednesday Emily Lewis came into the MTC and I got to host her which was fun! She dropped me off at the MTC 6 weeks ago and I got to host her so that was cool.  I've seen her a couple of times since then and she is loving it.  She only has to be here for 2 weeks because she is going to Australia.

Today we got a note in our mailbox with a classroom and time to meet our new mission presidenttomorrow.  Our Peru mission president, that is.  He's here for training right now so the few of us that are going to peru Lima West get to meet with him tomorrow so that will be fun.  I'm excited to meet him and his wife. 
This sunday is the day that the huge broadcast thing is happening.  I'm pretty excited to sing in the choir, it'll be fun.  Watch for me on TV! I'm going to look extra missionary-esque so that they'll have no choice but to focus in on me. haha.  It's pretty funny because they are being very strict about what we are allowed to wear. They changed the dress and grooming standards just for sunday specifically. So on sunday we're only allowed to wear solid colors and no bows and no jewelry at all and we have to hairspray our hair back out of our face. 

Everything else here has been about the same.  It's been getting hotter but now that i'm going to Texas i'm going to embrace this "cool weather."
My time at the MTC has been pretty great.  I'm really grateful that I was able to come here and learn so much about the language of Spanish and the language of the Spirit.  I feel pretty ready to go out and, as Matt says: 'Baptize the [heck] out of people." Literally. 
One of my favorite scriptures recently has been DyC 6:36- Elevad hacia mi todo pensamiento. No dudeis, no temais.
The church is true.

Hermana Jones

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