Thursday, July 4, 2013

No me gusta Mole

Hola Hola!
Well, I've successfully completed my first 5-ish days here in Fort Worth Texas! And let me tell you, it is HOT. And Humid.  It's been about 105 every day we've been out here which is awesome.  I've been putting on sunscreen but have gotten some sweet tan lines already.  Lovin' it. 
So we got here on Tuesday and did some orientation stuff and ate some good barbecue and met our mission president and then split up to different places to sleep.  I stayed at a senior couple's apartment. The next day we did some more orientation stuff and met our comps and then said goodbye to our mission president for the last time because we then got a NEW mission president on Saturday haha.  Anyway, I'm in a tripanionship serving in the city of Fort Worth.  My companions are Hermana Reina from Honduras and Hermana George from Orem.  Hermana Reina has been here for 10 months and Hermana George for 6 weeks.  So sister george is halfway through her training and now Sister Reina is training us both! We are serving in a Spanish ward here in Fort Worth.  So pretty much, I never get to speak English when we're out proselyting.  Which means I pretty much never speak when we're out proselyting haha.  It's definitely been overwhelming and challenging because I want to help others but the people are all from Mexico and don't speak as clearly and slowly as my MTC teachers did (go figure) so I don't really know what people are ever talking about.  Fun stuff! But it's all good because every day I understand a little more and participate in the lessons more so it's coming, but I just have to be patient with it.  Hermana George communicates pretty well and has been out only 1 transfer so that gives me hope. :)  Anyway, the language is challenging but the work is good.
We met a lot of people last week and taught some great new investigators with a lot of potential.  We had nine people commit to come to church.  They all seemed pretty committed and we even called them all on saturday.  Anyway, sunday came and only one showed up.  It was pretty disappointing but I guess that happens a lot in missionary work.  So we're going to follow up with them and see why they didn't come. 
Most of the people we teach are from Mexico.  Some from Venezuela, some from Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican republic, etc.  But they all do have one thing in common. They're Catholic! Every single one of em haha.  I hear about 10times/day "Soy Catolica" haha.  And a lot of virgin Mary's.  They're pretty much all happy to listen and let us teach them, a lot of them just don't want to go through the trouble of changing their lifestyle. 
I had my first interesting food experience this week! We usually get fed pretty well.  A lot of Mexican food so rice and beans and stuff. We went to a less active member's home on saturday night and his sweet sweet small old mother wanted to feed us.  This woulda been great had it not been our third dinner and had it not been "Mole" haha.  I still don't even know what Mole is, but apparently it's some sort of chocolate pepper thing with meat that wasn't cooked all the way. Anyway, it was pretty "interesting" and I was already stuffed full.   I got really good at swallowing with my nose plugged. I also was using the tactic to swallow with a swig of coke.  The whole time the lady was sitting there watching us eat so we just kept on eating with a smile on our faces.  Man.  It was definitely an experience.  And I'm sure there are plenty more to come.
We got our new mission president the other day, Pres. Ames.  We all get to meet him tomorrow I believe. 
We've been working pretty hard out here.  I know there is definitely room for improvement though so I'm hoping we can step it up and work a little harder out here but I'm enjoying my time and learning as much as I can.
Hope you have a great 4th of July this week, Love y'all!
-Hermana Jones

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