Monday, September 22, 2014


So things are going well here in good ol Peru! 
We definitely had a week of ups and downs but things are going well and progressing. Not much has been happening but here are a couple of updates:
The Rodriguez family is progressing well, I don't know if I already mentioned them, but it is Alejandro and Sonia and their two daughters Lucero and Araceli.  The daughters are our ages, and the family actually lives in the area of the Elders, but the daughters are kinda flirty so they gave the family to us and we are teaching them now, and working so they can get baptized in October! 
We had a cool little miracle with them this week.  We visited them on saturday and they told us they weren't going to be able to go to church on sunday because Alejandro had to study for a big test at work.  Well we talked to them about sabbath day and eventually they agreed to go to sacrament meeting.  We left but still weren't pleased because we have this new rule that they have to attend ALL THREE HOURS three times to be able to get baptized so if they didn't go on sunday, we were going to have to move their bapt. date.  So we left worried but had said all we could and were just praying that they would stay three hours and we would be blessed for being obedient to the new rule.  we weren't sure how it was going to work out but we figure the Lord would help us out! 
So on Sunday they all came as promised, and after sacrament meeting we went to talk to them and casually asked, "so are you going to go to the classes?" and then without hesitation the stubborn dad just said, "yeah." and then went to class.  We didn't ask questions or anything we just went along with it and we aren't sure how the Lord did that, but it worked and they are stil on track to get baptized! 

I received some great news this week that my 2nd baptism, Maria Hambudge, who got baptized last August, got endowed! I was so happy to hear that.  It's one thing to baptize a person but it's another to know that they are progressing and enduring to the end! There has been a lot of focus on retention here because it wasn't done very well in the past, so there are a ton of inactives.  So we are very careful in making sure that they are going to stay strong.  I am excited to see the progression of everyone else as well and I think that would just make my joy complete to see them making it to the temple. :)
This saturday our branch is going to the temple, and so all of our converts here, the pimentel family and the Cuenca family are going to go and do baptisms.  The twins in the Pimentel fmaily just turned 12 last week so they got the priesthood on Sunday and are going to be able to go.  They were originally going to go this past weekend to the temple, but we brought up that situation with the twins so the branch changed the temple date for them. So cool! So I am excited for them all to go :) 

Last monday we played volleyball, and it was sad.  All athletic ability that I ever attained is now gone.  I've turned into a tall awkward gringa full and slowed down by all the rice and potatoes. But it's okay because I've never been happier than being in the full time service of the Lord. :)

The church is true!

love you bunches. 

Hermana Jones 

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