Tuesday, July 30, 2013

vale la pena

Hola Familia,
How goes it?? This week here in Tejas has been full of ups and downs. This week we had two really solid families drop us! What??? It was super sad.  They had baptismal dates and were excited about everything and then one day told us they don't want us to come back because they don't want to change.  We tried to figure things out but haven't yet.  We're going to continue to visit them and try to find out what happened, but yeah it's sad. 
Other than that though, this week has been dandy dandy! We found some really good investigators that have a lot of potential and set a few baptismal dates for the end of this month that we're praying can be kept.  We work with a lot of unmarried couples so that's a challenge, but definitely do-able.  We're probably going to be having a couple of weddings this month so that will be fun!
This week I've seen a big improvement in my Spanish which is great.  I love those occasional moments when I actually completely understand someone and know how to respond without much effort.  It's so fun.  It's like I'm learning how to talk again.  Well I guess I am... haha.  But I forgot how fun it is to actually have conversations with people and get to know them and not have to have my companions re-cap me on everything.  Good times this week.

I've had some of the spiciest food I've ever had here and it's great! Lots of rice and beans and tortillas and spicy stuff.  It's fun.  My clothes are getting tighter, so I'm going to take that as a sign that I'm a good missionary. :) Full of the Spirit or something... right?

Our ward here has 500 members, but only about 100 are actually active.  That's not a very good percentage.  We've been working a lot a lot with the inactive members and trying to get them to start coming to church.  We've been focusing a lot in our lessons on the importance of taking the sacrament.  It's a big deal! We've been really bold with people this week which is super fun because I don't think they expect these tres muchachas to be that bold but it's great because it's working and we've had more people start coming back to church.

Cool story from this week.  Kassi is one of our investigators.  She has two children, and I think she's 21 or 22.  She came to church for the first time yesterday, which was great.  She even went and bought a skirt because she always saw us wearing skirts haha.  Anyway, she shows up at church and apparently she had gotten a flat tire on her way to church in the middle of nowhere.  She didn't know what to do and out of nowhere comes a guy and helps her fix it.  So she made it to church right in time! Super cool.  She's great. And she really enjoyed church!

Love you bunches,
Hermana Jones

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