Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hace mucho calor


So this past saturday I was just chilling in our apartment and we went to go get the mail.  I got a letter from dad with a note attached that said something like "you probably already know by know but your visa has been approved and you will be flying to Peru on August 13th." Whaaaaattt?? Yeah I definitely didn't know and I'm so excited now! I still haven't heard anything from my mission president or anything so my question is, Dad: How did you find that out? I don't know if they're just not telling me so I can focus for the next week or what but my zone leaders said they didn't know.  Anyway I'm super excited and I'm putting all my effort in this last week I have here in Texas!  So I hope you're right Dad.... haha. And if not, oh well and I'll be working hard anyway. Texas is definitely going to send me off with some great 107 degree weather this week so that's exciting!
Last week we were able to do an exchange with the other Spanish sisters in our district.  They work the other side of Fort Worth.  So I went there and stayed with Sister Gomez for 24hours and it was super awesome.  She was also the Junior companion in her companionship so both of us were used to not really talking much in lessons with our broken Spanish so it was an awesome learning experience for both of us.  I learned a lot more of how to teach and became a lot more confident in my teaching and in my Spanish so it was good. 

So yesterday we had an interesting experience.  We went to an appointment after church and they weren't home and neither was our back-up plan so we were out just knocking doors and we found a man that was willing to let us give him a message out on his porch.  Right after the opening prayer a car drives up and the man starts laughing and goes, "oh! That's my friend. He's a testigo de Jehovah" (Jehovah's Witness) We were thinking, oh boy. This is about to get interesting.  The man walked up and started talking to us so we played it cool like, "Oh we're missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have you ever seen missionaries like us before?" And then he just started to go off like none other and quoting all these Bible scriptures and we didn't even say anything! Oh man. It was so stressful.  After him lecturing us for a while we just said, okay well we've got to go so can we have a closing prayer? And then he started lecturing us more so we just said bye and have a nice day haha.  We're going to try to go back to the man that lives there sometime and actually teach him. 

We have an investigator named Jose who is super awesome.  He's probably in his 60s, I'm not really sure.  He's super solid but his wife doesn't like us coming over and she never answers the door when we come over.  So we started looking in the back yard and he's always there and sees us and lets us back there to teach him.  He's eating up the Book of Mormon and reads more than we ever assign.  the other day he started reading from the very beginning without us even asking him to.  The introduction and testimonies of the witnesses and stuff.  We're praying that his wife will open up so that he'll be more willing to be baptized.  Plus he's a really cool guy.  He has like 20 gollos (roosters) in his backyard so yesterday he was showing us them and their names and how he feeds them and stuff haha.  Oh and this one time a couple of years ago he accidentally chopped off one of his fingers or something and so when we were teaching him the Resurrection he got super excited because he'll get to play the guitar again haha.  He's awesome, and hopefully one of these days he'll accept our baptismal invitation.  The Spirit just needs to work on him a little more, and he needs to recognize it.

Well folks, this week has been great! I'm not really sure about my whole visa/Peru situation but I'll let y'all know when I found out.
Love you tons!
-Hermana Jones

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