Sunday, September 15, 2013

El Sol Aparecio

Hola Hola!
Ahhhh..... What a swell week.  The sun came out! It had been hiding behind clouds and Lima smog but somehow it appeared this week and everyone has been in a stellar mood because of it.  Fun times.  So yeah, this week has been great.  
Everything is going well here.  I don't know what to say because it's all good.  Hna Agle and I are working hard together and we get along well.  We are similar and both love being here.  We had to do a lot of contacting/tracting this week because we started in a new area, but it's okay because we found a lot of really cool people that are so ready for the Gospel.
This week we contacted a family, and they are not members, except for one son who is actually serving a mission right now in Argentina.  He left two weeks ago.  They had been taught before but weren't very interested.  So we visited them and it's cool to see the change they've had since their son left.  The ward helped them a lot with getting all his stuff he needed so I think that softened them a lot towards the church.  We taught them a couple of times and they already knew pretty much everything and had some really deep but cool questions about stuff like temples and family history.  The dad came to church yesterday, so we have a lot of Faith and Hope in them and their family.  How cool would that be to be on a mission and get a letter from your family saying they're getting baptized? 
Our baptism this week fell through because our investigator, who is 13, has the chicken pox. Yikes! She actually had them before but was expecting to be better by now, but she isn't still.  So we're hoping for this weekend.  Her little brother also wants to get baptized but he just got the chicken pox so it might be a couple of weeks for him.  Mom, thanks for responding to Hna Archibald's email.  I was worried because I said I've never had the chicken pox and everybody started freaking out so I looked at my shot record and it didn't have anything on there.  But turns out all is well and I can still go teach her! And hopefully the vaccination continues to work. :) 

I received the letter from Dad and the letter from Jennifer this week!(Thanks to the nieces/nephew for the beautiful pictures. I'm extremely proud of their swimming abilities.)  On the 4th.  Of course, they could have arrived earlier and maybe the Zone Leaders just didn't pick them up/hand them out until the 4th.  But they usually do about every week. So if that gives you any time range of how long it takes.  Also, my companion got a package that was sent two months earlier.  It was just in a regular box though and not one of those flat rate envelopes so I don't know if there would be a difference there.  Just for your info!

Mom, sending me those CTR (or HLJ) rings was the best.  We had a Family home evening with a bunch of people this week so we taught a little lesson on agency and had those rings for the kids. There were only two kids there, but it turns out that all the adults wanted them two.  So we gave out like 15 of them haha.  I figured only kids would want them but all the adults think they're sweet too. So yeah, they're going to go fast haha.  Great idea!!!!!! It's a great way to people's hearts. haha. 

I've learned a lot this week about the benefit of hard work.  I enjoyed Dad's letter that he sent where he included excerpts from his Sac. Meeting talk.  He gave some examples of the benefits we receive from doing hard things.  Justamente, I was reading in Moroni 9:6 that day and Jacob 1:19.  As a missionary, this time is so short to go and help people.  And I don't want to end my mission thinking I was lazy and having the regret that I could have helped more people if I had only worked harder.  So that's the goal.  

Thanks for all the love and support! 
Love you all,
Hermana Jones


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