Monday, September 2, 2013

Peru es lo maximo

I don't have much to say this week because I'm in shock that it's already been another week! 
We had a baptism on Saturday for Maria.  Ella es "de oro." I  can't remember if I talked about her in last week's letter but she just showed up to church one day, We taught her the first lesson that thursday, and she got baptized 10 days later! She is so sweet and bore her testimony after the service, it was really powerful.  She actually served a mission for her Christian church a few years back, so she is very strong strong in her knowledge and testimony of the Savior.  She is super tiny and we felt bad because the water in the font was freeeeeeezinnggg.  She was just shivering the entire time and for like 20 minutes after she was in her dry clothes.  But she got baptized! Then on sunday she arrived at church pretty late and we were freaking out because she needed to be confirmed but she got there and got confirmed as well! Hooray!

Starting today, we switched our areas with the other Hermanas in our ward.  There are 4 urb's in our ward and before we had Previ and Condevilla, but now we have Previ and Condor and the other Hermanas have Condevilla,  More efficient that way, but sad because we had to hand over all our investigators from Condevilla, and there aren't a lot of really progressing investigators in Condor.  It's all good though, we're excited to get to know that part of town and do work there. 

It's starting to warm up here a little bit, which is fine but it never really was super cold.  It's funny here because people are always talking about how freezing it is but it's really only like 50s. It gets cold in the mornings because there are no heaters or anything and only hot water sometimes, but it's all good. 

We got a new bishop in our ward this week and he is super awesome. Our other bishop was really great too but he had really bad experiences with past missionaries who were extremely disobedient and caused a lot of problems.  So it was hard for him to trust missionaries.  But now we have Bishop Mocarro and  He LOVES missionary work which is great for us.  His two missions for the ward are to improve the missionary work and the focus on the family.  He's great.

The Food continues to be awesome here.  Our pensionista is the best.  She taught us last week how to make chocotejas which are little chocolates and delicious.  
Life is awesome here.  I love Peru and the people and the food and my companion and the mission!
Love you tons! :)

-Hermana Jones

pics: the baptism and a family night we had last night with some members from the ward 

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  1. Just found your daughters blog...and I was so excited. I am Hermana Agle's mom, and we also have a blog It was fun to read both girls accounts of the same events. Cami is so excited to have your daughter as her companion.