Monday, January 13, 2014

Bueans Tardes

Hola familia!


So this week we were called into our Stake President's office with our zone leaders and the other hermanas in our ward.  President Rodan pulled up a map on his computer and showed us our ward boundaries, and told us that they are going to be changing this month.  He showed us the new ward boundaries and said he talked with President Archibald that day and in summary, Hermana Sevilla and I are chaning half of our area! We are giving half of our area to the other hermanas and then we are opening a new area, which is currently in a different ward, but in a month or two will become part of our ward.  But we are starting working there now to be ready for when they make the changes. Wow, talk about overwhelming! So unfortunately we gave our area full of the families we were teaching to the other hermanas, and we spent the week with a lot of walking and contacting in the sun! It was one of those weeks that builds character and makes you grateful for the other weeks... haha. 

So now on Sundays we attend two wards for the next couple of weeks until things get officially changed. 

So anyway, it was pretty tiring because our new area is huge but we are excited because things were going a little slow in our other area and now we have new terrain to convert.  :)


Big news: A man in the ward bought us Root beer this week!!!!! I don't know where he found it but I was way excited and it was delicious.  Me and the other American hermana loved it but we drank it at our pensionistas house and her whole family tried it and not a single person liked it! I took a video and it's pretty funny all their reactions.  I can't send videos through this mail so youll get to see it one day.  They said it tasted like mint... But it was good because that means I just got to drink the rest of everybody elses.


Like I said, it was a pretty long week and things are a little slow here, but we are wokring and trying to focus on finding families.  We have a new rule in the mission thatat 8am every day, every companioniship in the mission needs to pray specifically to find a "golden family" that day.  If you'd like to partcipate with us, the more the merrier! We're excited to continue to work and see miracles but we can use all the prayers and support that we can get. :)


Thanks for all the love and prayers and I love you all tons!


Hermana Jones 

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