Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy PDay

Hello Hello!


We had an awesome week this week! We got set back a little bit the other week from changing our area but after spending a couple of weeks walking in the heat and finding lots of Jehovah's Witnesses, we're starting to see the fruits from our efforts!

This week we were able to start teaching more of the people and helpin gthem progress and we got lots of great references from members.  


I don't know why but suddenly we got lots of references for girls my age from the members this week.  We are teaching 4 right now and they are all awesome.  They are all references from other members and I don't know, maybe just talking to me made them think of their friends because these girls are all pretty much exactly like me.  Not exactly, but definitely would be my friends.  So it's been pretty fun teaching them because we get along great and they understand very well and love learning about the Gospel.  So we have one baptismal date for Katia for the 8th and two others on the 15th.  They are great! 


Also one of the little miracles that we had this week was when we stopped and chatted with some people in the park and found out that one of the ladies was already a member.  She got baptized 15 years ago in the Selva (The jungle) but moved here and hasn't been to church since.  She has had a ton of problems in her life and it just so happened that she recently saw the church the other day and started thinking about it more, and that's when we found her.  She says that even though she hasn't been to church, whenever the Jehovah's witnesses or evangelicals talk to her she tells that she is a Mormon and that isn't ever going to change. Cool! So she came to church and brought her friend, and we visited him last night and found out that he also is a member! Got baptized about 17 years ago  in the Selva as well so we are excited to help em get back on the straight and narrow.


This week was pretty fun and funny, I don't really know why or remember anything that happened, but Hermana Sevilla and I were laughing a lot.  Probably just because we were so happy and stoked that everything is going well here.  


AHHHHH Literally as I was writing that, Our district leader told us he got the news that I'M LEAVING EL OLIVAR!!!!!!!! WHAT! WOW...... Okay seriously what are the odds that as I was writing how awesome things are going here, I get the news that I'm leaving tomorrow........... wow! Okay I'm sad to leave here but happy to experience a new area and everything. Wow. And now I'm nervous because all we do is pack up and go to the chapel tomorrow and they tell us where we go and with whom...... 

Anyway, so I just went from really calm to really nervous and happy and sad and everything.  

But thanks for all the love and support and prayers and Love you all bunches! 

I'll let you know next week where I am and how things are going!



Hermana Jones 


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