Thursday, January 23, 2014



Okay, before I forget, there is another change in our address but only for PACKAGES:


Pedro Ronald Roldan Caceres

Mision Peru Lima Oeste

Carlos Salaverry 3664 - Los Olivos

Casilla de Correo 39-054

Lima 39



So the only difference is that it has to be addressed to Pedro roldan.  He is our stake president and picks up all the packages and so they need to be addressed to him! Just write my name somewhere else on the package where it can be seen but not in the address line.  

Letters can be addressed to me still.


I don't know if anyone recently sent a package but if so, hopefully all is well!

This week I received the package from mom with all the goodies and from Jenny so thanks a ton! I've almost eaten everything... haha


This week was great! It was another long week since we have been starting over in our new area but it was better because we found some great people and taught a lot more.  We still don't have too many progressing investigators but it's because we are in the beginning stages of teaching.  We are excited to get things moving more and see some baptisms here in February! 


We had an awesome multi zone conference with President Archibald this week and the whole training was about the family.  He talked to us for a couple hours about the family and the importance.   Our mission is putting our entire focus in the families now.  We still are allowd to baptize other people obviously, but our focus is on the family and the rule is that we can't ever pass a family in the street with contacting them.  We are to pray everyday for families.  It was an awesome training and we are super excited to do it.

One of the tips he gave us is to contact people just using family home evening.  Without even preaching anything he told us to tell families that we'd like to come over for 15 minutes one day and hae a family home evening with them.  So then we go over and sing a song and teach a 2 minute lesson or bible story and play a game and say a prayer and leave.  Short and leaves them thinking about how we helped their family be more united.  Then we come back in a couple days and they basically have to let us teach them because we helped them be more united.  Sister archibald gave us all the happy and frowny face pictures to sing "No one likes a frowny face..." with the families and we made a "Don't eat Pete!" (No coma Pedro!") board to play with them.  We have been doing that a lto and it has worked wonders! We are suddently finding more families and they let us teach them! We are excited to teach them more and help them progress more.  


Yesterday we got a referral from a recent convert from another ward.  It is his girlfriend so we went and visited her with him and she is GREAT.  She is super samrt and is studying to be an engineer right now.  She is one of those people that understands and is very willing and accepting but never would have listened to us if it hadn't been for the referral we got and that we could visit her with him.  She is going to get baptized in February.  Referrals are the best things ever!!!!!!!!


Overall, it was a good week and great things are coming here.  The mission is changing and the work is progressing! The church is true and don't ever forget it!


Love you bunches and thanks for all the support and prayers! 


Con much cariño,

Hermana Jones 

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