Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Week



Great week this week!

I don't have too much to say because it was a pretty normal week and we were just in the swing of things of missionary work!


This week we finally found one of the investigators from the previous missionaries that were here.  They didn't leave his information, just that he was ready to get baptized.  So we prayed a lot and asked a ton of people and by a miracle found his phone number! We met with him and he's ready to get baptized, just wants to wait until his dad gets into town to see it,so he'll get baptized this month.  That was pretty exciting!


We worked a lot this week and it was great.  We don't know whatwe're doing but theLord is blessing us so much! We just keep working and keep seeing miracles, it's awesome. For example, we always write ournames on cards and pamphlets and give them out, but this week people actually called us! That never happens....but we got 2 phone calls this week from people who wanted to listen. So cool!  


An especially cool miracle we had this week was on Saturday night.  We had a lot of appointments set, but nobody seemed to be home. None of the back up plans either... so it was getting close to time to go home when we remembered a family that we had contacted earlier that week.  We decided to stop by and were justgoing to set an appointment with them for another day, but as the mom opened the door she immediately invited us in.  We found them all doing a puzzle together. (Immediate bond since we always do puzzles with Dad) They were excited to hear our message so we shared something short with them and they told us that they have a lot of Faith but recognize that they don't show it enought.  They are So golden! Unfortunately the dad works out of town a lot so it's harder to find him but we are so excited for them and their baptism! 

They also told us they know where the church is because once their son wentto play soccer there and in the chapels here have huge fences around the outside with little soccer fields.  So somehow he ended up getting locked inside the fence of the church and everybody left so he tried hopping the fence but there are huge spikes for safety so they called the fire department but nobody could find a ladder so he just stayed there overnight until somebody found the Bishop with the keys. Hahaha.  I was dying laughing as they were telling the story.  Anyway, they hadn't returned since to the church since... haha but are excited to come now. 


This new area is awesome and I love it.  There is so much dust here... Maybe I'll send a picture of my shoes.. This area is a lot humbler than my other area.  The biggest challenge we havebeen having is that people don't have enough money to getmarried, so we have found a lot of great families that can't get baptized until they get married.  We are doing a lot of praying and working with them and hopefully we'll get to see lots of marriages and lots of sealings in a year!


Missionary work is the best work in the world and I'm so happy to be here and be part of it!

Thanks for everything! Love you!


Hermana Jones 


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