Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Greetings from Puente Piedra

Hello mi familia!


Well, I'll just start off by saying that I got transferred this week! I couldn't believe it... I had spent my whole mission until now in El Olivar so I was pretty sad to leave all the people there that I love but I was excited for some change. 

We went to the transfer meeting and the whole time I was convinced in my mind that I was going to Huaraz, the zone in our mission that is like 10 hours outside of Lima and is gorgeous.  Well, I didn't get called there but instead I am serving in...... Puente Piedra!!! woo hoo! It's a little more north of where I was before and it is GOLDEN here.  The ward is awesome.  They are about to divide the ward because it is so big and solid and progressing a lot. 

So I am here in Puente Piedra and I am training again! I have another daughter, and her name is Hermana Alonso.  She is from Honduras, and she is fantastic.  She is pretty much pre-trained and is teaching me! haha :) 

Since I am in a new area and am training, that means that we are white washing.  There were hermanas here before us but they both got transferred out and we got put in.  Unfortunately they didn't keep track of much of the phone numbers and addresses of investigators and such so it's kind of like we are starting over, so we did a lot of contacting this week, since we really know nothing about this area.  So it was a fun week and we have already been seeing some successes and have some baptismal dates for later this month. 


Puente Piedra is pretty similar to my other area but a lot poorer.  There are less streets and more dust.   There are some cool hills with all the houses on them that we get to climb.  Also in my area is downtown Puente Piedra so there are some cool markets in our area.  It's pretty great and we are both excited to be here! This area holds the record from last year for the most baptisms in a month.  There were some Elders here in September that baptized a ton of people so it definitely has a lot of potential!


This week we visited a recent convert who is 16 and she is the only member in her family.  They live up on a mountain/hill kind of and are adding a kitched so were chipping away part of the mountain to build it.  (There aren't really construction companies here or anything) so we offered to come back the next day with the Elders and we helped carve the mountain to put their kitchen in and break up stones and rocks and carried them all down the mountain.  It was hard work but super fun and something that I'll probably never be able to do again! I'll send pictures.


This week I was reading in Mosiah about Abinadi.  I was reminded how much I love him and admire is testimony.  Mostly I love his boldness with King Noah.  He was in court and about to be put to death but instead of denying the things he knew, he continued to testify and call Noah and his courts to repentance until he was put to death by fire. Wow! What an example for all of us.  Since I started my mission I've wanted to have that type of boldness, where nothing will stop me from declaring what I know and calling others to repent and be baptized.  The church is so true and anyone that denies it is bringing upon themselves their own destruction!


Thanks for all the love and support!
Love you bunches!

Hermana Jones 

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