Sunday, February 23, 2014

Soccer Champ right here

Buenas tardes!


This week was a great week full of miracles! I'll tell three here today. 

1.First off, we had a baptism!

On Tuesday we had a training meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers and afterwards we were all eating and President Archibald asked me in front of everybody, So Hermana Jones, who are you going to baptize this week? And there was a long silence because we didn't have a baptism planned.... haha so I laughed and I said, I'll guess we'll just find that out today.  Well later that afternoon we felt like we should go visit a member and we were surprised to find her there with her un-baptized 9 yr old daughter with her dad.  We sat down and taught them all and found out that she hadn't been baptized yet because her dad was against it.  Well we talked for a while and by a miracle he agreed to let her get baptized. We set the date for this saturday, since she already had been to church and met all the requirements, and Karla got baptized on saturday! President Archibald and his wife came to the baptism. :)


2. We found a family of like 15 that is awesome.  I don't have much else to say because we have only taught them once but they are great, so stay tuned.

3. Last monday we had Pday with the zone and played soccer like we always do and it's funny because it's pretty much all of the Natives playing because it's in their blood. But I'm happy to announce that for the first time in my life I scored a soccer goal! That means my soccer skills have infinitely increased since I've been here.  I'd like to thank my mom for putting me in one season of little league soccer and Matt and Jacob for going to a soccer camp or something and bringing home an OSU soccer ball.  


I finished off the week by turning 20! Talk about old? I'm not a teenager anymore. But it's all good because I finished out the teen years by being immature and locking our keys in the apartment (by accident) and so we had to wait at a members house until midnight for our landlord to come back.  Only teenagers do stuff like that so I finished out my teen years well.  :)

Our pensionista gave me a cake and they sang and cracked eggs on my head . Good ol' Peruvian birthdays! I'll see if I have pictures.


Hermana Alonso and I are super happy to be here and we are working hard and doing well.

Thanks for everything and love you tons!


Hermana Jones 

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