Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Week

Hola hola!

Okay this week was great because four of the Pimentel Family got baptized! Carlos, Baudilia, and the twins, Patrick and Rusell.  It was an awesome baptism because the Elders in our branch also baptized a family of 4 so that was great and President Archibald made the long trip up to see it! He is very picky about how baptisms should be so we had a planning meeting which took like 3 hours and made it all perfect and it worked and President said it was "awesome!" And it was.  We were all so happy for them!!
About 5 minutes before it ended, Cinithia walked in with her kids, (The part of the family that was supposed to get baptized but didnt.)  It was a sad week for that because I had to learn how to respect people's agency.  Despite how happy we were for the four that DID get baptized, we still were sad for the four that DIDN'T.  However, we are still working with them and they came to church yesterday so we aren't losing the Faith and know they will get there! And now Carlos, their dad, can baptize them because he has the Aaronic Priesthood. :)

Life is good here in Barranca, I love it here.  It is so tranquilo and great.  It got super cold this week and there is a cold wind from the ocean so I pulled out my coat and tights.  But I think I'm just whimpy because it's like in the 60s I think or maybe the 50s but I'm freezing. 
In Barranca I've eaten so many fun things! In my other areas I didn't eat anything weirder than chicken feet or heart, but now I've added to the list: duck, duck neck, duck heart, cow heart, octopus, snail, stingray, fish eye, and Guinea pig! It's been a fun time.  I need to take more pictures of the things I eat but I don't want to offend the people by taking a picture of their food and make them think I'm making fun of it haha.  

This morning I was reading in Alma when he talks about experiencing a might change in heart and he asks, "have ye been spiritually born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances?" and I was thinking about how our Spirits look the same as our bodies.  President was talking once about how when we grow spiritually, we physically can see the difference and people actually look better, if that makes sense.  So I related that to this scripture and it clicked to me that when we are trying to change and become better, we are literally "Receiving his image in our countenances" and our countenances change.  I noticed that a ton with the Pimentel family this week.  Yesterday, Carlos went to the choir practice! Just imagine, a big rough lookign guy that rides a motorcycle and has tattoos, singing in church choir! I was noticing how much his coutnenance has changed in these couple weeks, and that can only be explained by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
The church is true! 

Love you bunches,

Hermana Jones

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