Monday, July 28, 2014


Hola familia,

So this week was super duper awesome because..... The rest of the Pimentel family got baptized! So that family is basically like a family of 8 but it's really two families of 4, so 1 family of four got baptized last week and this week the other family of 4!
This week we did a visit down in Huaral, a couple of hours away so we were gone on monday and tuesday and were nervous because we wanted to get them baptized but we weren't in our area so we tried teaching them wednesday and couldn't find them and then thursday we couldn't find them either and we finally did on Friday.  We had a big ol lesson planned and went and taught it and the Spirit opened their hearts and they decided to get baptized and DID! It was amazing.  We had been praying so much trying to figure out what to do and it was so cool to see how much the Lord trusts in us to give us revelation and we were able to figure out their needs and they got baptized.  Life is good with them! We were visiting with all 8 of them last night and it was so satisfying to know that they were all baptized and they brought out a cake to celebrate and right before we started to cut it, Martin said, we should probably say a prayer to bless it first! It was something small but just so pleasing to see the change that has ocurred in their entire family.

So our district has been getting really excited and we really want to start baptizing lots of families because that is really the best way to go so now we are having a contest to see who can find the biggest family haha.  Of course it is not the type of competition where we want others to fail but we are supporting each other and it motivates us.  We were always calling in the district to say, We found a family of 10! or oh, now we have to find a family of 12! but its awesome because it is working and this week we found 2 families of 10! The Lord is blessing this area so much!

Well other than I that I can't think of what else happened this week but life is good! The church is true!

Love you bunches! oh and I'm glad you had a super duper awesome vacation this week!

Hermana Jones 

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