Monday, July 28, 2014

Just call me Spider-hermana

Buenos Dias!
Happy fourth of July this week! It sounds like you had a fun little fiesta at home! We had a fun little fiesta here too. Luckily I have an awesome companion that likes the US and knows I love it so she learned the National Anthem and we woke up on Friday and I put my flag on the curtain string and raised it up while singing the national anthem. It was beautiful! The flag kept falling so we had to do it like 6 times haha but it was great. Then later that day we made real American mashed potatoes and root beer and brought them to lunch and it was delicious. Our pensionista's husband put up red and blue balloons haha.
So that was a great part of the week.  The rest of the week, well let's just say that Satan has been attacking our area and our investigators, so it was rough.  Please keep praying for the Pimentel family! Four of them are set for their baptism but the other four are having a TON of doubts out of nowhere and now don'twant to get baptized.  We are doing everything we can and praying lots for them, so hopefully all turns out well! Also the other families, Cuenca family and Haro Family are having lots of doubts that only are coming from Satan so yeah, we've been battling pretty hard! Good thing we have the Lord on our side and even though Satan thinks he's succeeding, The Lord will always win!
This week we also went to Lima for the mission leadership council which was awesome.  A few months ago one of the 70 was here talking and he was saying that we are called to our missions not necessarily because this is the exact area we need to be in, but for our mission presidents and the companions we need.  Well that is so true because just hearing President Archibald is very inspiring and I can tell that it was inspired that he is my mission president. I learn so much from him and Sister Archibald so I love every opportunity we have to be trained by them or just to chat with them about life and the Gospel.  I learned a ton a he gave a training on God. Literally, the first article of Faith, he just talked about God the Father and it was so awesome to hear all of his insight on knowledge that I took for granted.  My perspective on our Heavenly Father has changed and I think about Him differently now.  That has changed my thought process this week and has made me want to serve Him even better and more faithfully. 
Also this week we were informed that the end of August Elder Anderson will be coming and talking to us! Yay! Our mission is in charge of putting a choir together so I signed up and they choose from the list but my area is far from Lima so I probably won't but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)
But really, thanks for everything and all the love and prayers.  I'm so grateful to be here in the service of the Lord and I know the church is true!

Hermana Jones

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