Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Week

Hola hola! 
This week was pretty busy and crazy and basically had no sleep!
We started off the week by traveling up to Caraz, a small area super far to visit the hermanas there. So that took up Monday and Tuesday and we got home at about 3am on wednesday, got to sleep a couple of hours, and then had a great training with Pres. Archibald.  It was a and the reason is because last month Elder Oaks came to train mission presidents and he asked all the presidents to train their missioanries better on the Trinity.  So that's what he did, and it was amazing.  If you ever want to really learn about a Gospel topic, get Pres. Archibald to teach you after his 30 years of CES service.  He had a whole training planned out but somehow it just turned into a deep doctrine question and answer session which was fun haha.  That went until like 6pm so we only had a couple of hours of proseliting but it was great.  
Then on Thursday was Hermana Leyva's birthday! and she was sick, poor thing.  Fever, nausea, and everything.  But I think she still enjoyed her birthday! 
We finally got to work well on friday and saturday and yesterday which was good, but it was pretty disappointing because the Huaman family had a bunch of issues and now the dad doesn't want to get bapitzed.  Well, we aren't going to baptize his family without him so we are going to see what else we can do to help them this week and make sure they get baptized. Pray for them! 
Also Jose Pablo, Neil's son should be getting baptized this week as well so pray for him too! 
This week we are going to be going to the going away party in Lima for the missionaries that are leaving. I think I'm going to be able to go to the temple and eat with them!   Interesting fact: These next three transfers in total there are about 80 missionaries elaving and 100 coming, that's a huge change!  
Funny story: yesterday we got home and tried going to the bathroom, but we couldn't open the door! The doorknob turned, but it wouldn't open.  So we tried taking it off and fixing it and such and we could not fix it.  We even tried running into the door really hard, and kicking it like a police man but with no luck.  It was stressful because we really had to go to the bathroom haha.  Well nothign happened and our landlord isn't here this week.  Then, we went back and tried it and it opened, like nothing had ever been wrong.  It was pretty ridiculous but i'm glad we could open it! 
This week I have been studying a lot about VIRTUE.  You know those people that you meet that are just genuinely good people? Well I guess I just never realized before that that is what virtue is.  Just being completely pure in thoughts and actions that not even a bad or mean or angry thought ever crosses your mind.  Even when no one is watching you or is around.  I don't know how that didn't click to me before but it is something that I am definitely going to be working one more.  Elaine S Dalton would be so proud of me! 
Thanks for all the love and prayers, life is good and the church is TRUE!

Hermana Jones

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