Monday, August 25, 2014

Hermana Leyva dies

Well Hermana Leyva got extended a few days so she will be here until this saturday, but we have transfers tomorrow so I think I'll be getting my new companion tomorrow, not really sure. This week was super sad because it was her last week! Hermana Leyva is the best.  Not sure what I'm going to do without her, I guess I'll just keep working.  But it's okay because I'll be seeing her at BYU. :)

So we had a crazy week because we had to travel down to Lima for the going away party thing they do for the missionaries that leave.  They go to the temple, eat at a fancy restaurant, have a little training and I don't really know what else but it sounded pretty fun! Well unfortunately I didn't get to participate, instead I went to the area of the companion of another sister that was going home and worked in her area haha.  It was still good though.  They finished at like midnight so we went and stayed with hermanas and then traveled up to Barranca with President adn Sister Archibald because they were going up.  
In these last few months President has been saying that if a Zone reaches their monthly baptism goal, he will buy them pizza and teach them deep doctrine.  Well the month of July our zone met our goal! the first zone to meet their goal in almost a year.  So as promised, he came up and we all ate pizza and he taught us deep doctrine for like 5 hours. It was awesome. Plus we got to be in the car with him for three hours going up so I got all my questions out.

On Friday we visited Jose Pablo, Neil's son, because we had wanted him to get baptized on saturday but we were gone for a couple of days and couldn't visit him.  We asked if he had been reading and said a little bit, but said he had prayed and said, "I felt like something in my chest that I can't really describe, it was just like a happiness." and before we could say anything he said, "so I would like to get baptized tomorrow if that's okay. " Uh, yeah, that's okay! He had already had all the lessons and it was a tender mercy for Hermana Leyva to have her last baptism.  That whole family is a miracle and now they are complete. We found out that Cecilia got baptized 33 years ago, and the Lord led us to her house now less active married to a non member and with a son.  We were able to search and find her church records and now her son and baptized.  What a miracle! They are awesome.  Somethign I didn't know, Priests can give the priesthood to deacons.  So we are going to have Neil give the priesthood to his son.  

Life is good.  I'll update you next week on my companion and everything. Have a great week, love you! 

Hermana Jones

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