Monday, August 26, 2013

Que Tal

What an awesome week! 
First off, one of our investigators got baptized! Woo! His name is Jose and he is 27 and awesome and he got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  I have a picture attached. 
On saturday, we there was a huge stake activity at our building.  They have these dancing activities here where all the wards prepare different culturual dances and such, and then they kind of perform/compete every once in a while.  Anyway, so saturday was the huge event.  I also have a picture attached and it was so cool to see all the different outfits and dances and be part of that culture! So our investigator, Jose, was kind of in charge of a lot of the dances (even though he wasn't a member) haha.  That lasted pretty much the whole day and he was really tired that night when we were supposed to have the baptism, but it ended up working out (huge miracle!) and he got baptized! It was cool because we had a "Noche Blanco" in our zone/stake.  All of the baptisms from our zone got baptized in one service, so there were 14 people baptized that night! The Stake President came and so did President Archibald.  It's amazing to see things like that and realize how much the work is progressing! The Spirit was really strong and everybody was happy.  Jose got confirmed on sunday and is happy. Yay! 

This saturday we had a mission conference with our mission and Lima North Mission.  Elder Callister came and Elder Grove from the area 70, I believe.  It was really powerful and motivating.  I love hearing Elder Callister speak. He spoke about the Great Apostasy.  He said that to be able to appreciate the Restoration as much as we need to, we have to understand the Apostasy, and that is very important doctrine to teach to our investigators so that they will appreciate the Restoration.  He gave us a lot of really cool insight on that.  We all got to go shake their hands, and when I shook Elder Callister's hand, I brought up the fact that he stayed at our house once and he said, "Oh of course! Creed Jones from Joplin!" haha, so he definitely remembers you, Dad! 

Last sunday, a lady showed up to church that we had never seen before.  The other Hermana in the ward said that they briefly met her on the street and told her what time church starts and where it was.  (We probably tell that to people 10 times a day, and usually nothing comes of it.) Anyway, so this lady, Maria, showed up to church! What? that never happens! So it turns out that she is in our area.  We went and taught her this last week, and on the first lesson she asked when she could be baptized.  We said, uh yeah. We can definitely help you out there. Haha.  So she is going to get baptized this week! 
We have been trying to work so hard this week and it's been so awesome to see the results.  We've seen so many cool things happen that can only be explained by the Hand of the Lord.  We are so committed to baptizing weekly, and that is making us work really hard.  The harder we work and the more Faith we have, more miracles happen.  It's incredible to see the Lord's hand in this work and I absolutely love it.  Missionary Work is the best and I am so glad to be here and be part of it.  The Church is true!

Love you all and best wishes for the week,
Hermana Jones

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